Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Always Something

I’m terribly excited; I’m about to clinic with the Law family, Leslie Law and Lesley Grant Law—both Olympians, both amazing horsepeople. It’s a longer drive than usual—just over eleven hours—but if it’s like any of my other clinic experiences, it will be WELL worth it.

If you’ve read my clinic blogs before, you’ll know that something always happens on the way to or from clinics. It’s sort of like having horses: they are rarely all healthy, happy, and whole.

Luckily, this trip, while loooooong, was relatively uneventful. No blow outs. No gas emergencies. No mechanical or equine failures.

This time, it was when I arrived that the problems began.

I pulled into Faconwood, just outside Winnie, TX, at about 10:30 pm on Friday evening. I wanted to get there a couple days early so that both Paycheck and I could rest from the long haul and get used to the new surroundings. I hate to wake folks who might be early to bed types, so I didn’t call—but out came Kelley and J to greet me. We quickly got Paycheck situated (though as usual, he was upset about being in a new place and he wouldn’t eat/drink, though he DID roll…erasing the HOUR PLUS I worked getting him shiney and white before we left..sigh!), and then we pulled my LQ trailer over to where we could plug it in.


That is, we plugged it in, and got nothing. No current. No AC. In south TX. In the summer. Dang.

Long story short, it was the plug. Kelley and J graciously offered to let me us their LQ trailer, which had been plugged in, and was cool and inviting. WOW. I love my trailer, but it’s the dream house, while theirs is the Taj Mahal!

PC, however, didn’t have a good night. He was in a smallish pen so that he could stretch his legs, but he did nothing but sit and pine while he looked for other horses. He’s SUCH a herd animal! Let’s hope he has a neighbor soon!

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